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Welcome to Home of Great Business Ideas! Here you will find some thoughts, ideas and opportunities for working at home.

Great business ideas are often born out of necessity, and we each have our reasons for wanting to start a home business, and on these pages we will step you through all the things you need to know about starting a home based business!

Working at home has many advantages and is safe, practical, and cost effective and if set up correctly can develop a home based business opportunity into a thriving business. Throughout the pages of this site we will list some of these home based business opportunities and if you don't have any great business ideas right now, have a look at home business ideas and make money from home to get you thinking!
There are of course many distractions when running a at home small business. These distractions can be the fact that you have still not distinguished between the 'home' part and the 'business' part, and there is a fine line between the two.A home based business is exactly that, a business, so you need to dedicate the time to running your business, and this can be difficult at first because of the home demands you face and these are important. Read more on this in new home business ...

For a quick way to assess an online home based opportunity follow these steps;

  1. What are the key or critical factors to the success of this opportunity? Do I need prior knowledge of this market for example?
  2. Undertake some market research to see if sufficient demand exists for your product or service. What price will people pay for what you offer?
  3. Do you have the resources to match the market demand? If you are producing, what is your production capacity?
  4. Finally is the profit enough for you to live off? Compare the cost of providing this product or service with the price customers/clients will want to pay, then see if the resulting profit is worthwhile.

You will find more on how to assess some good home business ideas on this web site, along with some work at home jobs. To start with check out - what is a good business ... Or jump straight into how to set-up a website to start selling online - setting up online .

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